Enterprise productivity through the art of digital conversation.

When a chatbot, a robot and a user become friends in real time.

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Low code applications in Industry 4.0

WEBCON BPS is a rapid application development (RAD) platform. You can now digitize your organization more efficiently and automate business processes in an agile way. As well as in real time. The platform can function as an engine for integrating chatbot solutions and RPA processes to deliver high performance.

Your first step to human-centered automation

It’s time for a chatbot that learns in step with the user! Developed specifically for the needs of scalable companies, ENCORSA Chatbot uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and its own NLP engine to detect the context of a conversation and optimize its meaning. All these on a no-code platform, with an easy-to-use interface.

ENCORSA Chatbot has powerful pre-set connectors that quickly access data from other applications such as ERP, CRM, LoB, any other applications based on SQL or API (REST / SOAP) or directly through RPA.

ENCORSA Chatbot can even speak RPA

ENCORSA Chatbot brings conversation capabilities to UiPath robots while adding enhanced cognitive services to RPA robots. Moreover, in some cases, UiPath robots require human intervention. ENCORSA Chatbot notifies the user and requests actions, then triggers UiPath flows according to the feedback received.

  • Trigger an RPA process from chat
  • Get human feedback during an RPA process
  • Request aggregate statistics from various applications directly from chat

With ENCORSA Chatbot you can automate the management of the tickets received by email from your customers. If a consumer sends a request or question via email, ENCORSA Chatbot will pick up the slack and resolve this ticket together with an RPA robot.

It will work with a human agent in more complex cases that require the human component.

A multiple-identity chatbot that can take on any role

With over 250 professional skills built-in, ENCORSA Chatbot can be customized — name, avatar, role, language — according to your needs and preferences. Now you have an intelligent chatbot that can be used both internally (for employees, managers or departments) and externally (for your customers or partners).

Moreover, the chatbot learns quickly and adapts to the user’s behavior while following the parameters you’ve set. This means that ENCORSA Chatbot speaks like the user, but it also follows the conversation rules set out by your company.

Predefined package

Customer Support
Cost Control
Project Management
Contract Management
Human Resources

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ENCORSA Chatbot is flexible and can be used in any industry. You can deploy it in cloud, in a hybrid environment or on premise.

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