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Deep Serv wins their clients’ trust by using digital workflows

By focusing on excelling in operations, agility, technical communication and automatic evaluation, Deep Serv transforms the customer experience in building maintenance.


I believe that digital transformation is a necessary condition to ensure the continuance of a business apart from its founders, and most importantly, to graduate to the next level of operational excellence”, said Marian Spînu, Founder and CEO of Deep Serv.

Solution: The creation of an automated digital workflow meant to gather complaints and suggestions from clients.



Agility — the constant adjustment of the workflows to accommodate the business challenges as they diversify or change;

Complete optimization — initiating tickets from a mobile app, BackOffice Platform Resolution Flow (WEBCON BPS), triggering new sub-flows to address and fix a persistent problem and managerial reports;

Clear communication — improving client relationships, transparent procedures and real-time feedback;

Operational simplificationmanaging ticket solving from a single platform, receiving notifications and service quality assessment dashboards.

About Deep Serv

With 20 years of experience, a national coverage and 1,000+ employees, Deep  Serv is a progressive company that can overcome any challenge in the field of professional civil and industrial cleaning (Integrated Facility Services). Currently, the firm works with the largest multinational corporations in Romania.


The path to the future

In a business environment subject to uncertainty, Deep Serv’s approach to relying on digitization to gain client trust was a winning decision. The company aims to design an improved customer experience to provide them with an automatic, changeable ticket registration and settlement procedure.


  • Delivering a relevant, easy-to-use and adjustable digital experience by the Internal Support team (which had no IT training);
  • Promoting a culture of data-driven decision-making that translated into increasing the quality of services.


The right technology, the right people

In an attempt to determine how, when and where to focus its attention, Deep Serv knew that the interaction with its own clients had to be expressly adapted to the digital environment. The firm was aware that slow and manual procedures, lack of constant communication and quick resolution of feedback received tired clients and decreased profits. Employees had to have information at all times about coordinating client requests — to decide how and when to fix problems.

Thus, Deep Serv chose the technical solution represented by a digital feed for collecting complaints and suggestions, a flow quickly initiated from an iOS and Android mobile app, based on an access account. The ticket created follows a monitoring path, designed specifically for the needs of employees, through a business process automation platform — WEBCON BPS. With this platform, operational managers can resolve incoming tickets, clients receive real-time notifications about the status of resolution in the mobile app and the company management can view specific reports at any time, such as the one in the image below.


We chose Encorsa because it provided us with a flexible business process automation technology that has allowed easy adaptation as our needs changed. Moreover, we greatly appreciated the fact that what they promised at the beginning was also achieved, namely that our internal support department could make some changes in the application without specialized IT training”, Marian Spînu– Founder and CEO Deep Serv.


Reducing complexity, increasing agility

New visibility into incident developments provides valuable information about customer satisfaction and time-to-time ticket resolution. It also allows new ways to improve services based on real data, collected from feedback.

For example, Deep Serv can now receive notifications in less than one second, and a client can upload complaints in one minute. At the same time, the quality of materials and consumables improved following the received messages.

Through a smooth, easily accessible and adaptable flow, Deep Serv employees can comfortably work with user-friendly applications and support the strengthening of the client-business relationship.

Ensuring a well-received digital experience and collaborative work requires data. Creating a data-driven decision-making culture is obvious in the case of Deep Serv. Now, the average time to resolve a ticket has been significantly reduced — which has resulted in attracting, keeping and regaining clients.


The solution, in detail

  • Initiating a ticket from the dedicated mobile application, by categories of incidents (quality of services, quality of consumables, etc.) including images taken at the beneficiary’s premises;
  • Ticket resolution flow in the BackOffice platform (WEBCON BPS), according to internal procedures;
  • Seamless real-time in-app communication between business and client, using chatbot functions, permanently mediated by the platform;
  • Giving feedback after each ticket has been resolved on the response time or the quality of the problem resolution;
  • Monitoring by reports and indicators such as: ticket stage, average pickup time, average resolution time, average closing time, average feedback (general or by problem categories);
  • Alerts to open/close a ticket (by email or mobile phone), at several levels of competence and responsibility, depending on the complexity of the client’s organizational structure (e.g. Zonal Operational Manager – Executive Manager – General Manager – Owner).


For Deep Serv, this automated incident management flow is a solution that will grow and evolve with the business. It will not become obsolete in a few years and it does not require the external intervention of Encorsa specialists.

As a result of this implementation, the company can already enjoy an improvement in their brand image thanks to the optimization of response times, communication and transparency in the ticketing process.

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