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UIPATH software robots assisted ANOFM in operationalizing critical internal procedures to execute pandemic-related actions in 2020

BACKGROUND Following Ordinance 132 of 7 August 2020, which intended to counteract and reduce the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, ANOFM was required to quickly operationalize the payment procedures of the following government support measures: State assistance in the form of a temporary finance plan for workers with short-term work schedules (also known as the […]

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CAFR implements an integrated system for digitizing the coordination of financial auditors in Romania

Context CAFR (Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors), like many other organization, is undergoing a digital transformation. As a result, not only within the profession, but also within the profile associations, changes are unavoidable. CAFR has accrued information and experience for over 11 years, using a static database management application with auditors’ reports until the time […]

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Alpin Hotel monitors its profitability in real time through a cost control application

Cost control is the practice of identifying and reducing a business’s expenses to increase profits and start with the budgeting process. Given the current context in which the Hospitality industry has been one of the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the management of the company must have the appropriate instruments to equate the actual […]

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Quasar Comex gains performance and business continuity by automating internal processes

An advanced space where humans and RPA robots cooperate for unitary activity between existing applications, streamlining processes and and particularly decreasing expenses. “I believe that digitization and automation are the key solutions for adapting to the current reality. We chose to invest in technological applications meant to increase the customer experience, to help operational productivity […]

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