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CAFR implements an integrated system for digitizing the coordination of financial auditors in Romania

Context CAFR (Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors), like many other organization, is undergoing a digital transformation. As a result, not only within the profession, but also within the profile associations, changes are unavoidable. CAFR has accrued information and experience for over 11 years, using a static database management application with auditors’ reports until the time […]

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INSURANCE Claims Processing Automation

Context  The claims procedure is one of the essential operational processes for an insurance company. The process begins with the client notification about the damage and continues with steps as such aligning with checking the beneficiary and insurance policy or multiple policies, validating the type of event coverage, medical validation, possible fraud detection, going through […]

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Quasar Comex gains performance and business continuity by automating internal processes

An advanced space where humans and RPA robots cooperate for unitary activity between existing applications, streamlining processes and and particularly decreasing expenses. “I believe that digitization and automation are the key solutions for adapting to the current reality. We chose to invest in technological applications meant to increase the customer experience, to help operational productivity […]

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Deep Serv wins their clients’ trust by using digital workflows

By focusing on excelling in operations, agility, technical communication and automatic evaluation, Deep Serv transforms the customer experience in building maintenance.   “I believe that digital transformation is a necessary condition to ensure the continuance of a business apart from its founders, and most importantly, to graduate to the next level of operational excellence”, said […]

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