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Iridex Group optimizes its activity by digitizing the operational supply chain flow

Progressively, more and more corporations talk about costumer centricity. Therefore, supply chains need to be constructed around their clients. Their leadership is now considered to be a significant strategic stake in the conditions of a dynamic industry, reflecting an essential opportunity for development (the growth of service quality, execution performance and clients’ feedback speed reaction) in terms of service efficiency.

“Staying anchored in old operating models can cost us considerably; if we do not keep up with the newest technologies we risk losing grounds of reputation let alone in terms of profitability and efficiency of our business”  – Nicolae Tudor, Supply Manager – Iridex Group

Solution: establishment of a software application dedicated to optimization, streamline and activity monitorization of the supply of products and services.

 flux digital aprovizionare


Operational procedure – achieving a complex digital flow throughout the BPMS framework for engender, verification, validation, takeover of the supply production and order distribution activities;

Mobility – real-time information access regardless location and for the individuals engaged in the flow (freedom of mobility);

Traceability– the possibility of tracking supply orders in any moment and their progress;

Operational simplification – managing the status of supply orders, receiving notifications, generating documents and activity reports, all in a single platform;

The path to the future

The company wants to impress through digital processes and solid operations in the supply field and recognizes the importance of continuous improvement of the internal business processes’ digitization.

Thus, this phase of build of digital supply processes prefaces an era that will allow an unparalleled experience for the company’s customers, including ensuring service continuity and tracking the supply rhythm and preserving reasonable pricing by measuring cost flows and analyzing selected suppliers.

Through this application, the company’s management can consult specific reports at any time, such as the one in the image below.




IRIDEX GROUP  is a company specialized in waste management and provides sanitation services at nation-wide standard. The company is member at IRIDEX companies group and was established in 2008.

Iridex Group  started its activity around the Constanta county area, providing street sanitation services, waste collection and transportation, operational and management of ecological landfills. They have gradually expanded to several counties, thus diversifying their activities to ensure the integration of waste management. More details on IRIDEX website –


  • operational process of eliminating errors in the supply chain and the improvement of quality of services;
  • objective evaluation of the quality of suppliers’ services;
  • possibility to measure the performance of employees and their load, especially procurement agents;
  • centralization of information about orders in processing, their status and related performance indicators;
  • real-time access to the history of an order (digital library of the acquisition file) that took place inter-departmentally between several operational roles;

Solution, in detail

  • initialization of supply orders for various categories of products and services in the BackOffice platform (WEBCON BPS) or the mobile application according to internal procedures;
  • generation of the price offers and purchase orders with the possibility of automatic transmission via email to the supplier;
  • the existence of a virtual (digital) library that allows users to view at any time the documents underlying the supply orders (technical details, price offers, purchase orders and so on);
  • separation of responsibilities on flow according to business unit, department and order type (over 50 order analysis nodes);
  • monitoring through reports and indicators such as unfinished orders, expired delivery deadlines or supplier evaluation;
  • application incorporated or email alerts to people involved in the flow according to the status of the supply order.



For Iridex this investment in streamlining internal processes by digitizing supply orders ensures that its service or product reaches in time to the applicant, and the continuity and quality of services provided by the company will not be affected. And that it is because the development of digital and analytical capabilities is a priority for the managers.

Improvements were seen in operational terms, and the advantages of implementation were multiple: easy to store digital documents, accuracy and speed of communication, traceability and visibility of information, the ability to track an order in its all stages.

The data obtained in this way generates new information and perspectives that will substantiate the following investment decisions, new business models that will provide experiences appreciated by consumers and that can stimulate the innovation so necessary in any business.

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